Another Night of Nepotism

The Big Fund-Raising All-Star Show!

With Electric Bonsai Band, Hilary Field, Scott Katz,
David & Benjamin Lange, Patrice O'Neill,
Matt Price, and Uncle Bonsai,
w/special guests, Go Janes!

Saturday - August 19th - 7:30 PM (Dinner @ 6:30)

Potluck Dinner and Concert

by Andrew & Hilary

It's all about our daughter, Emma, who has been teaching in Taiwan for the past year. She was planning to return in July BUT Fulbright offered her the opportunity to stay a second year, this time teaching at the University level . . . she's excited, obviously, and she's staying.


This brings up an interesting dilemma; how do we visit her in Taiwan? This past January, we were able to go to Taiwan because, between the three of us, we had just enough miles to get there and back. Without having to pay thousands of dollars for flights, it was possible to afford the trip. (You see where this is going?) Of course, the key words back there were "just enough miles!" We don't have those miles anymore and there's no way we can go a whole year without seeing our daughter which brings us to . . . "Another Night of Nepotism: Taiwan Calling!"


Years ago, folks were generous enough to help raise funds to send Emma to Cuba; a few years later, Hilary and Gwen Franz were able to go on tour in Chile. This time, thanks to the amazing generosity of our friends, we're putting on a show to raise some money to help get us to Taiwan in 2024!

And you won't want to miss this show: Electric Bonsai Band, Hilary Field, Scott Katz, Patrice O'Neill, Matt Price, and Uncle Bonsai, with special guests, Go Janes! We think that's a pretty amazing line-up!

If you can't make the concert but would like to donate, we really appreciate the support.
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Uncle Bonsai: "A folk-pop trio from Seattle, performs funny original songs whose exquisite musical detail and subtle needling wit attain a level of craft not often seen in pop" -- NY Times

Hilary Field: "Field is one of a growing number of gifted women gaining prominence in the classical guitar world . . . Field displays sensitive musicianship, solid technique, and a burnished tone." -- Acoustic Guitar

Electric Bonsai Band: "Like the finest artists, Ratshin captures with a few dark lines what others can’t find with the whole 64-piece box of Crayolas." -- Dirty Linen

Scott Katz: "An insidious charm and truth that sneak up on your like a cartoon mouse with a stick of dynamite." -- Arnie Sugar

Patrice O'Neill: "Her voice comes out of this great quiet space inside, a voice that sings so well, with strength great enough to caress each word as it comes forth." - Heartsong Review

Matt Price: "Matt is a really fine poet, but also a terrific singer and guitarist. His songs are like mini-movies, beautifully crafted, with appeal that crosses all genres." - Christine Lavin

Go Janes: "Let’s hear it for the Go Janes, who are bringing hope and love to our musical world – they’re helping to bring us all out of the darkness of the last few years with some heartfelt words of comfort and a healthy dose of fun." - Mollie O’Brien

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