matt price

Insensitive Singer/Songwriter

Scott Katz

Saturday - May 15th - 7:00 PM


mattpriceScott Katz constructs stories the way Garrison Keillor does: each line delicately honed, eliciting "only" a chuckle, but building toward the belly laugh at the end of every verse!

Arnie Sugar says: “An insidious charm and truth that sneak up on your like a cartoon mouse with a stick of dynamite.”

Songwriter Leah Kaufman calls him ”irreverant, disrespectful, sardonic, and deadly accurate"

And here's a part of what Victory Music Review had to say about his debut recording Wrong: "Katz’s understated vocals, somewhat reminiscent of John Prine, are the perfect delivery vehicle for well-crafted, insightful and humorous lyrics. This album is a lot of fun, and from the hilarious The Wrong Song to the lovely Carolina Eyes, there is a breadth rarely heard on first offerings and a wealth of good ideas that really stick with you."