Welcome to BringAChair.com, the house concert wing of Seattle's Yellow Tail Records.

Every once in a while we present an intimate show featuring one of the best performers, singer/songwriters, groups, etc., around. And why a house concert? Well, sometimes someone's doing a show nearby and has a night off; or sometimes one of our favorite artists wants to try out new material in a small, personal, setting. Sometimes, we really wanted to go to a show but, for one reason or another, couldn't make it. So, we bring 'em to our house. 100% of the donations go directly to the artist!

And what can you expect? Great music, great sound, great snacks and wine (if people bring snacks and wine), and just an all around great experience!

So let us know if you're coming and, don't forget, bring a chair!

About the Concerts

Our Seattle area concerts usually take place in a private residence in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Northeast Seattle . . . not too far from the University District or Northgate. It's a small house and can fit only around 50 people. That means a pretty intimate environment so we ask that you bring no babies. We do not have an "extra room" for restless children so please keep that in mind when planning for your evening out. We've also hosted concerts in Northern California and Portland, and are curently helping present shows in Ann Arbor and Pittsburgh; take a look at the column on the left for recent announcements

We have a "recommended donation" at each show. 100% of this money goes directly to the performer(s), who decide how much to "suggest." But money should never get in the way of seeing a great show. If you can't afford the "donation," please know you're welcome to put a little less in the jar. We want you here; we want you to hear the music. Of course, you're always welcome to put more in the jar too . . .

We try to have some food and drinks at these events. While not officially a big-dinner potluck, we hope that some people might be willing to bring something to eat or a bottle of wine . . . something to share. There's a spot on the reservation form for the honor of volunteering some food/drink.

About the Chairs

Most houses don't have enough chairs for everyone. In Seattle, for instance, we have a couple of sofas, a few folding chairs, and our dining room chairs, but that only takes us about 1/3 of the way. When you come to one of our concerts, bring a folding chair! It's easy to remember . . . it's called the "Bring A Chair" concert series!

Next Event

We've been "closed" for Covid and are just dipping our toes back into the water with our all-star event, Another Night of Nepotism: Taiwan Calling!

Who's Coming After That?

We're taking it slow . . . stay tuned!


Who's Played Before

  • Hilary Field
  • Uncle Bonsai
  • Electric Bonsai Band
  • Matt Price
  • Scott Katz
  • Patrice O'Neill
  • Gwen Franz
  • David Lange
  • Cozy Sheridan
  • Nathan & Jessie
  • Go Janes
  • David Roth
  • and many more


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Our Basic Contact Form

The contact form has been disabled because of spam. If you would like to contact us, all you need to do is send an email to info (at) bringachair (dot) com. You know, with all the standard substitutes for that "at" and the "dot."